In the realm of heritage wear, the chore coat holds a unique place. For good reason, the utilitarian design has stood the test of time. Originally conceived as workwear, chore coats were historically and purposely made from denim, twill, or canvas fabric to withstand the elements and hard labor.

I’ve seen so many good, old blanket-lined chore coats and owned a few over the years. If you know me, I gravitate towards clothing that’s been worn in, that someone spent countless hours living in and in this case, working in – something most of us would never be able to achieve without years of constant wear.

So, the chore coat has been a staple in my closet, which is one the reasons why we decided to embark on the process of designing our own.

The outer shell: We developed our first denim pieces this season, so the decision to create our first outerwear out of indigo denim was also no brainer. To make these look as unique as they would be if you were shopping for a vintage garment, they had to be processed individually.

The lining: The one thing I don't love about those old blanket lined coats is that they were typically lined with wool. For some of us, wool can be exceptionally itchy and not ideal for everyday casual wear. So, I found this Japanese cotton flannel blanket that we used for our chore coat. It's still warm enough for colder weather, but has a soft hand feel so you can wear it with a t- shirt on milder winter or fall days.

All-Time High selvedge indigo blanket lined washed chore coat with antiqued buttons  Cotton flannel blanket lining in indigo ATH Mack Chore Coat

The ATH Mack Chore Coat comes in two distinct versions. Our main label version is made with the same USA milled and sourced denim from which we made the Ellis Shirt and Double Knee Pants. It undergoes a completely different process however – intentional damage, hand sanding, custom staining, and finished with antiqued, mixed metal buttons.

The second version is a very special collaboration with our friends at GOOD ART HLYWD. If you’re just learning about them for the first time…Good Art is not just jewelry. Their ethos is to make the best of everything they do, down to every last detail – whether it’s the construction of a link or the ease of the mechanism used on a functional wearable piece of art. They find and create beauty in everyday objects. And their attentive creativity is what inspires us to strive for the same.

For our collab, we created a limited edition coat using Kurabo selvedge denim. We dyed the denim a dark grey which was then processed and hand sanded to show vibrant highs and lows, balanced out by the faded and softened browns in our cotton flannel blanket lining. Each coat has its own individuality and character, and is finished with sterling silver toggle-style buttons conceived by Josh at GOOD ART. Inspired by the timeless wood railings at our beloved Griffith Park, the organic quality of the wood is captured in its shape and detailed grain texture.

 Model sitting in barber chair at Good Art foundry wearing All-Time High kurabo denim mack chore coat and trucker hat  Detail of ATH Good Art Mack Chore Coat Sterling Silver Buttons

Both chore coats are cut oversized, allowing for seamless layering and designed for everyday wear. No two coats are the same, which is something we try to continue to embody in all of our garments. Individuality. Time. Versatility. Intentionality.

The ATH Mack Chore Coat and ATH x GOOD ART Chore Coat will be available exclusively online in limited quantities on Friday, 1/19.

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In the realm of heritage wear, the chore coat holds a unique place. For good reason, the utilitarian design has stood the test of time. Originally conceived as workwear, chore coats...

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