I wanted to make our own version of a nostalgic baseball jersey.

I found one a couple years ago on a buying trip in Philadelphia from the 1930s-40s. I love the design and I love the construction of those old baseball jerseys. Like a lot of things from that era, they're just made really well. The materials are strong and people wore them to the fullest. The old, washed out, and now softened flannel gives a feeling of a jersey that's been through some wins & losses on the diamond.

So, I had the idea to create a jersey, modified with an oversized 90s cut. Growing up in those years, we wore everything a few sizes bigger than we needed and I've been finding myself back in that mindset lately. But I wanted the fabric to feel heavy and the construction to be durable, precise – reminiscent of those vintage jerseys. The final touch was finding unique cord trim and the buffalo horn and bovine bone buttons to give the jersey a more luxurious feel.

Frank and I spent many, many hours researching and sourcing potential materials. When we found the grey Japanese twill, we knew it was unique. It was tight knit and had stretch almost like a classic sweatshirt. The sashiko had that clean organic look and the weight was thick, strong. The Japanese version of American workwear. And even though sashiko is usually seen indigo dyed, I found it was beautiful to keep it in its natural state – like a freshly cleaned baseball jersey.

Sashiko fabric detail

Sashiko fabric detail

Twill pennant jersey (back)

Pennant shirt in Twill

The Pennant Shirt's built for the championship round. For the player who leaves it all on the field and knows there's no crying in baseball. 

- Ex

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