Raggedy Threads is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year in Los Angeles. A longtime staple in the vintage market, it’s been a go-to spot for me since I first met Jaime about nine years ago. 

One of my favorite, most worn pieces I got there is this muted, royal blue cut-off sweatshirt. It’s so good that both me and my wife Grace reach for it in our closet pretty often. We really love that color blue, and it just has perfect fade and distress.

Being the creature of creativity I am now, I wanted to design our own version of that cut-off – this one has raglan sleeves, two french terry fabrics, and two-tone color. We made the neckline wider, the body is boxier, added a waistband and they come in four sizes instead of the two, as we did previously. And I can confidently say, we plan to use this pattern again for future pieces.

The sweat shorts came to fruition after the shirts were designed, so we really had no intention of making this a set originally and we definitely hadn’t planned on stepping into the casual activewear lane but after I tried on the sample of the top, I was like “Yo! This would be crazy as a set.” 

Oatmeal and vintage blue cut-off sweatshirt and shorts set

Keep in mind, we’re already approaching summer at that point in the year so I stepped on the gas and worked quickly with the team to get these out. Continuing with our flat-lock stitching and rounded pocket design, we made a roomy cut just above the knee – a properly faded and worn-in pair of sweatshorts to coincide with the top. Sold separately, it’s safe to say then when the weather is cooler, each piece will still be able to get sufficient wear with some of the other layers we have on deck.

Over the last couple years when everyone put their denim away and stayed in lounge wear, I wasn’t buying into the hype. And now, I only want to wear this set for any day over 75 degrees. 

Back of oatmeal and charcoal gray Hambria cut-off sweatshirt and shorts  


The Hambria Cut-off Sweathshirt and Sweatshorts are available now in Oatmeal/Blue and Oatmeal/Charcoal.


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